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Straight Up Elevator Co. is a family owned and operated elevator company serving Oregon and Northern California with non-proprietary elevator equipment and control systems.

Oregon: CCB #199734
California: CSLB #1003669

We strive to make business personal by providing superior customer service from qualified, licensed professionals.
Gary Schriver, President

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At Straight Up Elevator we know the dependency your home or commercial facility has for its' elevator and control system.

Elevators make moving people, freight easy. At home elevators supply us with a certain level of ease and comfort.

Whether they are installed in our homes or businesses or placed in commercial spaces to make areas accessible to all, elevators are an excellent invention that make getting from place to place simpler.

But elevators, like many of their computerized and motorized counterparts, do require maintenance from time to time.

We know that elevators break down and parts wear out, and we understand the need to bring older elevators into the modern age. If you are searching for an elevator service company, send us an email today.

We repair commercial hydraulic and traction elevators from the following manufacturers: Vertical Express, Canton/Motion Control Engineering (MCE), Alliance Elevator and Minnesota Elevator, Inc.

We also repair all residential elevators and lifts.

We take pride in putting our customers first. We want to earn and keep your business. Whether you are a residential customer or you manage a business complex, we offer rapid, affordable and reliable services to keep your elevators operating efficiently and effectively.

Contact us today to obtain a bid, schedule service or work out a hassle-free contract for elevator maintenance. Give Straight Up Elevator Co. the opportunity to earn and keep your business and you will not be disappointed!

Our trained contractors can easily help you modernize your existing lift or elevator.

Your are welcome to submit a request to use by submitting a elevator servicing form, modernization services form, or request for a free estimate.

Elevator modernization consists of modifications to an older elevator to make sure that it meets code. This review helps ensure that your elevator is as safe as possible. As elevators age and new safety measures are developed, new technology is developed, and your elevator can begin to deteriorate or become out of date.

Modernization can consist of updating the brake system, emergency support updates, and other modifications that will either improve safety or function. An elevator must comply with building codes for the safety of its passengers and in order to be used legally. Aspects like elevator size and elevator shaft dimensions must meet safety standards.

Another aspect of elevator modification to consider is updates to meet ADA compliance standards. If you own a commercial elevator, you must have elevator dimensions that meet ADA standards. These usually involve easily accessible placement of operational mechanisms and ample car sizes to accommodate a passenger using a wheelchair. Other specifications include Braille markings, slip-resistant flooring, and audio cues. Our elevator modernization service can determine whether your elevator meets ADA standards and help you make any needed changes.

Elevator Services Agreement

There are different types of maintenance programs. It is important to understand the difference between Full Maintenance Agreements and Examination and Lubrication Agreements.

Basically, the greater level of risk you are willing to take, the lower the cost of the services.

At Straight Up Elevator Co. each elevator Service Agreement is customized to the specific needs of the client.

We will help you understand your existing Agreement to learn more about what coverage you need and don't require to optimizes your elevator and controller system.

Watch for roll-over clauses and escalation fees!

Many elevator companies hide a roll-over clause with tricky wording in their contracts that hold you responsible for cancelling the contract when it comes to term. If you do not monitor it carefully, you will automatically be signed up for the same term, whether you want it or not, and the price may be completely unreasonable. Many companies try to lock you into lengthy contracts, (i.e. 5-years), which are not required. You should be able to negotiate a term and price that works for you.

Examination & Lubrication Agreement
This Agreement includes lubrication of the elevator equipment’s moving parts and minor adjustments on a regularly scheduled basis. Part repair or replacement and unscheduled service calls, also known as call backs, are not included in this type of Agreement. When there is a need for additional services or repairs, the mechanic reports this to the building owner or property manager who then schedules any repairs or services to be paid by the building owner. While this may be lower cost agreement up front, unforeseen repairs, replacements or call backs can be expensive depending on the age, condition, brand, usage, etc of the elevator. In addition, safety tests may be included in this type of Agreement as required by code.

Full Maintenance Agreement
A Full Maintenance Agreement provides all the same services as the Lubrication and Exam Agreement, with the addition of parts repair or replacement and call backs (during normal business hours). Parts that are worn due to normal wear and tear will be replaced at no additional cost to the building owner. Each Agreement will be tailored to each elevator and will specify which parts or repairs are included on the Agreement. Some exclusions may apply depending on the condition of the equipment prior to entering into an Agreement.

Elevator maintenance is similar to a having your car serviced. When you take the car to a dealership, you pay a premium for the same services you will receive at an independent auto repair shop - at a reduced cost.

Our elevator maintenance services make it easy to benefit from the service you require, without purchasing nonessential services. You can contact us by phone or reach us online by clicking this link to receive a free estimate.

We make every effort to schedule an appointment at the most convenient time for you. We are happy to provide a customized quotation to install, repair, or modernize your elevator equipment.

Do you have an existing Service Agreement, Full Maintenance Agreement, or Examination and Lubrication Agreement? We will assist you in understanding all the clauses of your existing Agreement. When is the last time your elevator was checked for being up to code and/or being current with technology?

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