Independent Elevator Company In Portland Oregon

We are a family-owned and operated independent elevator company. For years we have been offering quality and reliable elevator installation, comprehensive repair, and superior elevator upgrades including service contracts that benefit your equipment and your budget.

Our services include residential elevators and commercial elevators in the entire Portland, Oregon area.

Contact us today to receive a fair and honest bid on your elevator project.

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Oregon: CCB #199734
California: CSLB #1003669

As a small business, we can give you the individual and personal service you deserve. And, we are large enough with expertise to tackle almost any elevator renovation or maintenance project with excellence.

A short list of cities where we provide complete elevator services in the Portland area includes Hillsboro, Beaverton, Tigard, Gresham, Happy Valley, Clackamas, Oregon City, and Lake Oswego.

We choose to be an independent elevator business so we can provide each customer the best possible solution.
Gary Schriver, President

Elevator Technology Trends

At Straight Up Elevator Company we are an owner operated company with outstanding engineers and operations personnel who work as a team to deliver superior quality vertical transportation services.

We have grown to become one of the most reliable independent elevator service contractors in the the Portland, Oregon area. Our technicians possess the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to ensure that all vertical transportation equipment will be properly diagnosed and maintained.

Our maintenance programs can be customized to meet your needs. Our service technicians provide top quality maintenance in terms of cleanliness, cost efficiency, reliability, and smoothness of operation. We also provide our customers with direct access to a professional elevator representative.

Each and every elevator that we install there is always proven technology for safety and ease-of-use along with satisfying all Standards.. Because we offer non-proprietary equipment, you benefit with optimized equipment that suits your requirements, plus a Service Agreement containing zero hidden clauses or stipulations about maintenance. We also offer 7/24 emergency services.

Our technical professionals are established experts in our field, utilizing some of the most advanced diagnostic tools and training in the industry. We are also educated on the State code requirements for elevator and lift maintenance, ensuring your equipment remains safe and compliant.

A home elevator will provide you with mobility and a sense of security. We understand that your home elevator is an extension of the style, decor to build ambiance and confidence. Call our office and let us help you get your existing elevator modernized or install a custom elevator solution

At your business we recognize that elevators are many times the first impression an associate, or potential client, has about your business. If you are a small building, or a major transportation hub, the passengers riding your elevators will judge your reputation on the quality, or lack of, in their elevator experience at your business. With the right level of performance in your customized Service Agreement, your elevators are optimized for positive passenger feedback, along with boosting your business reputation and contributing to the overall efficiency of your business building.

Straight Up Elevators offers a complete line of elevator installation services, remodeling services, repair services, and customized Service Agreements. We look forward to hearing from you very soon!

We repair commercial hydraulic and traction elevators from the following manufacturers: Vertical Express, Canton/Motion Control Engineering (MCE), Alliance Elevator and Minnesota Elevator, Inc.

We also repair all residential elevators and lifts.

We take pride in putting our customers first. We want to earn and keep your business. Whether you are a residential customer or you manage a business complex, we offer rapid, affordable and reliable services to keep your elevators operating efficiently and effectively.

Contact us today to obtain a bid, schedule service or work out a hassle-free contract for elevator maintenance. Give Straight Up Elevator Co. the opportunity to earn and keep your business and you will not be disappointed!

Elevator Installation Services

All of the equipment we install is nonproprietary. A nonproprietary elevator system allos any licensed elevator company to maintain, repair, or upgrade the elevator. Our client needs always come first.

Our experience contractors provide professional services to install commercial elevator(s) and to install residential elevator(s).

We install complete commercial hydraulic and traction elevator packages from the following manufacturers: Vertical Express, Canton/Motion Control Engineering (MCE), and Minnesota Elevator, Inc.

Our residential elevators and lifts come from Savaria and Inclinator.

Our dumbwaiters are manufactured by Elevation Innovation, Inc. and our material lifts are Custom Industrial Products and Wildeck.

We install nonproprietary controllers and components from all major manufactures.

Some elevator companies install elevators that run on proprietary computer-based software that require specialized tools that only the manufacturer itself can provide in order to perform maintenance on the elevator.

That type of scenario locks the customer into needing to sign a service contract with the manufacturing company, instead of being able to choose a maintenance provider that best suits them.

Though it may be advantageous, at times, to having the manufacturer of the equipment be the one to maintain it, generally you have to pay a premium for it and you have little to no choice in the matter.

We are licensed in Oregon and California, combining that with our experience, means you receive professional and reliable services on all your elevator needs from Straight Up Elevator Co.

An investment in elevator equipment is an asset to your home or your business. The degree to which you keep your elevators current with products and technology helps protect your investment while also increasing the longevity of your elevator equipment.

Your elevator system is often the first thing that people see about your business. If your elevator is outdated, in need of a cab upgrade, or passengers experience long wait times - those factors contribute to the reputation of your business.

We will customize your modernization to fit your budget. The modernization project will improve the value of your building, enhance aesthetics, and contribute to the safety of your elevator equipment.

These are the seven most common benefits to modernizing your elevator.

#1 Improved safety
#2 Better operational efficiency and performance
#3 Extended equipment lifetime
#4 Reduced operating costs
#5 Compliance with applicable codes
#6 Improved passenger experiences
#7 Meets accessibility requirements

Our elevator maintenance services make it easy to benefit from the service you require, without purchasing nonessential services. You can contact us by phone or reach us online by clicking this link to receive a free estimate.

We make every effort to schedule an appointment at the most convenient time for you. We are happy to provide a customized quotation to install, repair, or modernize your elevator equipment.

Do you have an existing Service Agreement, Full Maintenance Agreement, or Examination and Lubrication Agreement? We will assist you in understanding all the clauses of your existing Agreement. When is the last time your elevator was checked for being up to code and/or being current with technology?

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