Commercial and Residential Elevator Services

Straight Up Elevator Co. is a locally owned and operated elevator company serving Oregon and Northern California with professional services to install, service/maintain, and repair elevators and elevator control systems in commercial and residential projects.

Oregon: CCB #199734
California: CSLB #1003669

Our business is successful because our customers receive the attention and qualified assistance they deserve related to their elevator system and maintenance.
Gary Schriver, President

At Straight Up Elevator Co we work with commercial and residential elevators, along with their control systems, on hydraulic elevators, geared and gearless traction elevators with Machine Room, along with Machine Room-less (MRL) elevators.

All elevator equipment and controllers are one of two types.

Proprietary Elevator Systems
This product and technology is owned exclusively by a single company. The company is not obligated to reveal any information about the product or its internal workings. In terms of service, maintenance, and upgrades it's stipulated that all parts, repair, or upgrades will be supplied by elevator company who owns the technology or product.

Non-Proprietary Elevator Systems
This equipment and technology does not differ in quality or reliability; it must still meet all the safety standards and code requirements that proprietary equipment mandates. A significant benefit to the customer is that service, maintenance, and upgrades are allowed by any licensed elevator company.

Elevator Technology Trends

- Free estimations
- Customize elevator engineering solutions
- Project management services
- Drawing and specifications
- Customer service
- 24/7 emergency services

All of the equipment we install is non-proprietary. A non-proprietary elevator system allows any licensed elevator company to maintain, repair, or upgrade the elevator. Our client needs always come first.

Our qualified technicians will provide maintenance and repair, modernization, along with installing commercial elevators, as well as, residential elevators.

We offer 24 hour emergency services.

  • BUsiness Building Elevator
  • Glass Elevator
  • Freight Elevator
  • Vehicle Elevator

With the commercial projects we install hydraulic and traction elevator packages from the following manufacturers: Vertical Express, Canton/Motion Control Engineering (MCE), and Minnesota Elevator, Inc.

With the residential elevators and lifts we use Savaria and Inclinator.

Our dumbwaiters are manufactured by Elevation Innovation, Inc. and our material lifts are Custom Industrial Products and Wildeck.

We have found that with proprietary equipment, generally speaking, you pay a premium for it, plus you have very limited choices down the road when things are not working out in your situation.

We are licensed in Oregon and California, combining that with our experience, means you receive professional and reliable services on all your elevator requirements from Straight Up Elevator Co.

Elevator modernization is a cost effective way to revamp your old equipment in order to meet new code requirements, reduce repair costs, and improve the overall operation of your existing machine. Straight Up Elevator Co offers superior elevator modernization services.

We will bring new life to your existing equipment. Advancements in technology have changed the way in which an elevator system functions. By updating your outdated equipment you are extending the life of your elevator system.

Our modernization services to make any elevator safer, more efficient and more attractive to those who ride in it. Elevator modernization can improve your building’s value and contribute to better leasing conditions and higher occupancy rates.

Elevators are similar to other modern machinery, the equipment and components evolve. Elevators are getting smarter, faster, and safer than their original models. If your home or commercial space has an elevator that no longer meets code, you need to have it updated. We can modernize any elevator and bring it up to code so that it is safe, fast, and effective.

In addition to being a respected and widely known elevator maintenance company, We offer non-proprietary high-quality elevators, lifts, dumbwaiters, and more for sale, along with controller systems. If you are in the market for a specialized elevator system, we can design, install, and service that for you. Send us an email to receive a free estimate on an elevator system for your residential or commercial property.

Whether you are a residential customer or you manage a hospital or large business complex, we offer rapid, affordable and reliable services to keep your elevators operating efficiently and effectively.
Gary Schriver, President

An investment in elevator equipment is an asset to your home or your business. The degree to which you keep your elevators current with products and technology helps protect your investment while also increasing the longevity of your elevator equipment.

Your elevator system is often the first thing that people see about your business. If your elevator is outdated, in need of a cab upgrade, or passengers experience long wait times - those factors contribute to the reputation of your business.

We will customize your modernization to fit your budget. The modernization project will improve the value of your building, enhance aesthetics, and contribute to the safety of your elevator equipment.

These are the seven most common benefits to modernizing your elevator.

#1 Improved safety
#2 Better operational efficiency and performance
#3 Extended equipment lifetime
#4 Reduced operating costs
#5 Compliance with applicable codes
#6 Improved passenger experiences
#7 Meets accessibility requirements

Cab Enclosure
- Improve passenger experience
- Reduce energy use with LED technology
- Satisfy American with Disabilities Act (ADA) codes

- Improve passenger experience
- Improve energy efficiency
- Compliance with emergency fir e regulations/code

Door Equipment
- Improve passenger experience
- Improve safety
- Improve door speeds
- Upgrade to new technology

Hydraulic Power Unit
- Improve passenger experience
- Improve energy efficiency
- Improve elevator Performance
- Resolve operational issues

Signal Equipment
- Improve passenger experience
- New technology and products: vandal resistant, communication systems
- Compliance with new emergency codes
- Satisfy American with Disabilities Act (ADA) codes

Traction Upgrades
- Meet new/revised regulations
- New technology: increase performance, safety and ride quality
- Technology upgrades to equipment

Our experienced technicians are extremely knowledgeable and skillful at problem solving and troubleshooting. At Straight Up Elevator we are a trusted independent elevator company that you can count on when it comes to elevator installation and maintenance.

We repair commercial hydraulic and traction elevator packages from the following manufacturers: Vertical Express, Canton/Motion Control Engineering (MCE), and Minnesota Elevator, Inc.

We repair all residential elevators and lifts.

Our office is located n Klamath Falls, but we install, service, and provide maintenance to elevator products and control systems in the State of Oregon and down though Northern California to Redding.

We care about our customers. We care about the quality of our service, and we care about the products we offer. The result is a reputation for excellence that males us a premier elevator service company in Southern Oregon.

Elevators are in constant use. Most clients never stop to consider the number of trips an elevator can log in a given day, month, or year.

A prudent safety net for any elevator is having a clear, concise Service Agreement, Full Maintenance Agreement, and/or Examination and Lubrication Agreement in place.

One of our very first tasks with each client is to help you understand your existing Service Agreement.

When you are educated about what you have and don't have, you can make intelligent choices to benefit the life cycle of your elevator equipment.

  • Glass Elevator
  • Hydraulic Elevator
  • Wheel Chair Lift
  • Elevator Doors - Slim Style

We find that many clients, when we first meet them, do not actually understand all the fees and stipulations that are in a Service Agreement, which usually cost them more money.

Elevators absolutely need to be maintained. They have mechanical and electrical systems. It is very important to schedule periodic elevator maintenance. At Straight Up Elevator Con we want to be your source for elevator maintenance services.

Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure the safe operation of any type of elevator. Our knowledgeable maintenance technicians are experts at performing routine maintenance tasks as well as detecting any potential problems with an elevator.

Often, addressing a potential problem during a maintenance check can help a customer avoid costly repairs in the future. In addition, we use the latest tools and equipment to provide our customers with the highest quality maintenance work.

We accomplish our work in a timely manner and clean up the area when we are completed. We know that you want your normal routine restored as soon as possible.

Another reason to call our elevator maintenance company is that we provide service for both residential and commercial elevators. Our technicians have experience with glass home elevators, outside elevators, and limited-use elevators along with other lifting devices. Our knowledgeable technicians have the skills to keep all of your elevators in great working condition.

Our elevator maintenance services make it easy to benefit from the service you require, without purchasing nonessential services. You can contact us by phone or reach us online by clicking this link to receive a free estimate.

We make every effort to schedule an appointment at the most convenient time for you. We are happy to provide a customized quotation to install, repair, or modernize your elevator equipment.

Do you have an existing Service Agreement, Full Maintenance Agreement, or Examination and Lubrication Agreement? We will assist you in understanding all the clauses of your existing Agreement. When is the last time your elevator was checked for being up to code and/or being current with technology?

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