We provide comprehensive services to install, modernize, and service commercial elevators and their controller systems. The elevator and lift equipment, along with technology, we use are nonproprietary.

All elevator equipment and controllers are one of two types.

Proprietary Elevator Systems
This product and technology is owned exclusively by a single company. The company is not obligated to reveal any information about the product or its internal workings. In terms of service, maintenance, and upgrades it's stipulated that all parts, repair, or upgrades will be supplied by elevator company who owns the technology or product.

Nonproprietary Elevator Systems
This equipment and technology does not differ in quality or reliability; it must still meet all the safety standards and code requirements that proprietary equipment mandates. A significant alteration is that service, maintenance, and upgrades are allowed by any licensed elevator company.

Our elevator maintenance services make it easy to benefit from the service you require, without purchasing nonessential services. You can contact us by phone or reach us online by clicking this link to receive a free estimate.

We make every effort to schedule an appointment at the most convenient time for you. We are happy to provide a customized quotation to install, repair, or modernize your elevator equipment.

Do you have an existing Service Agreement, Full Maintenance Agreement, or Examination and Lubrication Agreement? We will assist you in understanding all the clauses of your existing Agreement. When is the last time your elevator was checked for being up to code and/or being current with technology?