Residential Elevators & Lifts

We provide comprehensive services to install, modernize, and service residential elevators along with their controller systems.

From improving ease and convenience to maintaining your independence in your own home, at Straight Up Elevator we offer the experience and expertise to design, install and service your optimized elevator system.

Oregon: CCB #199734
California: CSLB #1003669

We take pride in building customer loyalty with the best elevators products and services available.
Gary Schriver, President

At Straight Up Elevator Co we work with residential elevators, along with their control systems, on hydraulic elevators, geared and gearless traction elevators with a Machine Room, and Machine Room-less (MRL) elevators.

We are an independent elevator company which allows us to put the needs of our customers first with nonproprietary elevator systems.

There are three main types of elevator designs which are commonly used today: hydraulic, traction with a machine room, and machine room-less traction, as well as, there are variations on each of those designs.

#1 Hydraulic Elevators
These elevators are supported by a piston at the bottom of the elevator that pushes the elevator up as an electric motor forces oil or another hydraulic fluid into the piston.

#2 Geared and Gearless Traction Elevators with Machine Room
Traction elevators are lifted by ropes passing over a wheel using an electric motor above the elevator shaft. These are best used in mid and high-rise applications; their travel speeds are significantly higher than hydraulic elevators.

#3 Machine Room-Less (MRL) Elevators
These are traction elevators but are not designed with a machine room over the elevator shaft. The machine is placed in the override space; it's accessed from the top of the elevator cab.

Selecting The Best Elevator Product

We are a locally owned company serving Oregon and Northern California with proven elevator technology.

Our elevator technicians are trained in the most current methods and Standards, along with being licensed in California and Oregon, to provide the most current technology, expert diagnostic analysis, and optimized solutions that satisfy your elevator requirements.

We offer 24 hour emergency services.

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With the right house elevator, you'll be able to maintain a safe, independent lifestyle longer; without the risk or inconvenience of having to haul heavy loads from floor to floor. Call us to explore the a customized home elevators solution.

Better To Modernize Or Purchase New Elevator-Lift?

If you already have an elevator in your home, but it's has limited operational ability or it has taken a beating aesthetically, the best solution is modernizing.

When an elevator, or its' controller system, undergoes a modernization process, there are methods to insure completed modifications are up to mechanical Standards and safety codes.

As elevators get older, parts will wear out and need to be replaced. New technology developments will improve the safety and functions, along with regular elevator maintenance. When is the last time your elevator was serviced? If you like we can do some simple analysis on your existing Service Agreement.

Another reason to consider elevator modernization is to make your elevator meet ADA Standards that define the specifications of elevator accessibility to the disabled.

If your home needs to accommodate a wheelchair, it's essential your elevator satisfy those Standards to ensure safe and proper transportation of wheelchair-using residents and guests.

Three major benefits homeowners receive from a modernization is 1) revitalizing the cab; 2) controls are current plus reachable; and 3) flooring won't impede wheelchairs.

Elevator Product Information

All of the equipment we install is non-proprietary. A non-proprietary elevator system allows any licensed elevator company to maintain, repair, or upgrade the elevator. Our client needs always come first.

Our experience contractors provide professional services to install residential elevator(s).

We install non-proprietary controllers and components from all major manufactures.

Some elevator companies install elevators that run on proprietary computer-based software that require specialized tools that only the manufacturer itself can provide in order to perform maintenance on the elevator.

That type of scenario locks the customer into signing a Service Agreement with the manufacturing company, instead of being able to choose a maintenance provider that best suits them.

Though it may be advantageous, at times, to having the manufacturer of the equipment be the one to maintain it, generally you have to pay a premium for it and you have little to no choice in the matter.

We are licensed in Oregon and California, combining that with our experience, means you receive professional and reliable services on all your elevator requirements from Straight Up Elevator Co.

Residential Elevator Installation Products

- Savaria
- Inclinator
- Canton
- Schumacher
- EEI –Elevation Innovation
- Garaventa
- Wapaca

Elevator Interior Products

- Young Elevator Interiors
- SnapCab
- Columbia Cabs

Elevator Fixtures

- Innovation
- ECC Elevator
- Vertical Express

Elevator Controller Equipment

- Smartrise
- Elevator Controls

We are proud to offer a variety of models and configurations that satisfy your needs and decor.

With the current elevator technology you can resolve all mobility issues with an elegant solution. Residential elevators from Straight Up Elevator provide homeowners with safe and reliable assistance for multi-level living.

What are the benefits in a residential elevator?
- Safe and elegant alternative way to navigate between levels in your home.
- Accommodate more stops than a platform lift.
- Custom solutions to fit to many different architectural configurations, often with minimal modifications to your home.
- Ergonomic while being intuitive to operate.

Our experienced technicians are extremely knowledgeable and skillful at problem solving and troubleshooting. At Straight Up Elevator we are a trusted independent elevator company that you can count on when it comes to elevator installation and maintenance.

We install complete commercial hydraulic and traction elevator packages from the following manufacturers: Vertical Express, Canton/Motion Control Engineering (MCE), and Minnesota Elevator, Inc.

Our dumbwaiters are manufactured by Elevation Innovation, Inc. and our material lifts are Custom Industrial Products and Wildeck.

These elevators are for looks. It can be used to showcase beautiful views in high-rise buildings, the interior designs, and also scenic views of the outside.

Their design is very compact. They are the perfect solution for those who need to move small objects from floor to floor.

Wheel Chair Lift

Wheelchair Lifts
These are made to assist those with disabilities. They take up less space than a traditional elevator and may be more affordable. If the purpose of the elevator is to transport a wheelchair, you may want to consider a wheelchair lift instead to save space.

The wheelchair lift is a vertical lift which travels along a guide rail over the stairs and takes up very little space outside of the stairway. Most of these models fold away when not in use. The solution requiring the least amount of space is a vertical lift, shown above in the photo, since there is no need for an elevator shaft.

Elevator Permits In Oregon & California

  • Construction-use elevator
  • Dumbwaiter
  • Hydraulic elevator
  • Traction elevator
  • Inclined residential elevator
  • Inclined wheelchair lifts
  • LULA Electric & Hydraulic Elevator

  • Rack & Pinion Elevators
  • Residential electric & hydraulic elevator
  • Residential stairway chairlift
  • Sidewalk elevator
  • Personnel elevator
  • Vertical reciprocating lift
  • Vertical wheelchair lifts
  • Vertical/inclined wheelchair lifts

Straight Up Elevator Co. will work with your General Contractor/Architect, and electricians to make the elevator a seamless project for you. Complete our questionnaire to get more specific information on your elevator project.

We make sure that the necessary permits and approvals are in place so your home elevator is up to code and will pass all inspections.

There are many designs possible to fit your taste and our experts will work side-by-side with you to make sure your home elevator experience is a pleasant one. Once your elevator is installed, we will design a custom maintenance and service Agreement to keep your elevator equipment safe and updated with new technology.

We welcome the opportunity to send you information on a customized residential elevator installation .

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Size Of Residential Elevator?
An average size is between 6 and 7 feet tall and between 3 and 5.5 feet in depth.

Will Elevators Go In All Homes?
Yes, different types of elevators will have different space requirements and specs. We also provide custom designed elevators, which give you more flexibility to make an elevator fit your exact requirements.

What Is The Smallest Residential Elevator?
The smallest residential elevators is a shaft-less design. Removing the shaft component saves a lot of space and removes the need to dig a pit for the shaft.

What Is The Cost Of A House Elevator?
The aver price range begins at around $20,000.

How Much Space Is Needed for a Residential Elevator?
An elevator with a shaft will likely need a minimum of 5 feet in both width and depth, though a shaft-less elevator is a space saver requiring half that amount of space.

What Are Hydraulic Lifts?
An elevator that uses a hydraulic lift moves using pistons that have a fluid-pumping system. This pressurized fluid collects in the cylinder, which pushes the piston up and lifts the elevator car. To descend, the fluid is released and the weight of car slowly pushes down the piston while the car has a smooth descent.

What Are the Types of Elevators?
Click here to view a page describing different types of elevators.

Our elevator maintenance services make it easy to benefit from the service you require, without purchasing nonessential services. You can contact us by phone or reach us online by clicking this link to receive a free estimate.

We make every effort to schedule an appointment at the most convenient time for you. We are happy to provide a customized quotation to install, repair, or modernize your elevator equipment.

Do you have an existing Service Agreement, Full Maintenance Agreement, or Examination and Lubrication Agreement? We will assist you in understanding all the clauses of your existing Agreement. When is the last time your elevator was checked for being up to code and/or being current with technology?

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